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4 Natural Wreath Ideas to Make at Home

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

It's the time of year to start thinking about getting your home ready for Christmas so we’ve put together some inspiration for Natural Christmas wreaths and home decorations that you can easily make. After the year that we have had it's more important than ever to get yourself feeling festive so why not start by making yourself a gorgeous natural wreath to go on your front door or planning the natural centrepiece for your Christmas dinner table.

We think keeping things simple, natural and green is the best way forward, not only is it cheaper but it also avoids using any plastic and when you've finished with it it’s 100% compostable!

Here are a few Natural Wreath Ideas we have put together just for you!

natural wreath
Natural green wreath with a pop of orange.

This natural wreath is beautifully simple with only a few materials. The best thing about it is that it didn't cost a thing as this was all found in our own garden (apart from the oranges of course!)

We made our own natural wreath base by weaving willow together in a circle. You could do the same or you can buy ready-made natural wreath bases if you haven't got the materials or the confidence (but we promise you it is easy!)

This natural Christmas wreath is made mainly from cuttings from a conifer tree with a little sprig of Eucalyptus and Ivy to add variation of green colours and a little bit of a different texture. We have added the slices of dried orange to top it off nicely and add a little bit of colour.

The perfect addition to your front door!

Mixed Foliage Natural Wreath
Mixed Foliage Natural Wreath

Again a simple but beautiful natural wreath. We don't use glue or wire in our natural wreaths because we use the base to hold the greenery in place by stuffing it in the woven pattern and holes that are there for us ready to use. It can mean the natural wreaths are a little more delicate but you can go round and sure up any really loose bits by pushing them in a little harder. If you want to use natural twine you can as it works well to tie things together.

We have used Yew, Eucalyptus, Bay and Holly to add different textures and shades of green, and we found Holly with berries on it to really top it off and make it super festive!

Natural wreath mixed foliage
Mixed Foliage Woven Grapevine Natural Wreath

We used grape vine for this natural wreath base, and left half of it exposed to create this beautifully simple understated natural wreath.

Natural foliage table decoration
Natural Table Centre

Why not try out something like this for your Christmas dinner table this year? This beautiful centrepiece is really easy to do and adds to the festive atmosphere. Again we have used Conifer cuttings, Holly with berries and a variegated Holly to add different shades of green. We have used red candles to contrast with the green but really tie it together with the red of the holly berries in the arrangement and of course no Christmas is complete without putting a candle in an orange!

If you like to have a seating plan, you can use dried leaves to write the names of your dinner guests on so everyone knows their place.

This table arrangement can tie in with the rest of your home decorations as you can easily make small green arrangements for window sills , shelves and mantle pieces.

How To Care for your Natural Wreath

Caring for your wreath is easy, if it's outside you won't need to do much to it unless its dry and windy and if that's the case just give it a spritz with some water and it will keep looking fresh.

If your natural wreath/ decoration is inside take it out and give it some refreshment with a spritz of water once a week to keep it looking luscious and green.

We hope you have a happy (and green) Christmas and now that we've given you some inspiration you can get creative and make your very own green arrangements and natural wreaths! We’d love to see them if you do, tag @thegardenshopdevon on Instagram to show us!

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